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3. Information for students who plan to study in Colombia

How can one learn more about academic programs of higher education in Colombia?

The institutions of higher education’s websites provide detailed information on their programs, their requirements for admission, procedures for registration, tuition, scholarships, student services, curriculum, etc. This information can also be found in this site by clicking on the link www.mineducacion/

In the Colombia Learns site, the program "Finding a Career: don’t leave it up to chance" you can find more information for students and the general public about academic programs, location of institutions, competencies and skills required, and student gatherings arranged to provide information as to the kinds of programs in each region of the country. It also provides information about interesting careers, training offered by the Regional Centers of Higher Education, CERES, and virtual or distance learning programs.

At you can find information about career opportunities and placements for graduates. This information may be used by aspiring students so that they can make a more informed career choice decision. Through the Statistics link students can access the available human resources in the country and trends in demand for different occupations.

The Colombian Institute of Credit and Technical Studies Abroad, ICETEX,, offers information about the Reciprocity Program for Foreigners in Colombia. The program seeks to promote the mobility of foreigners from countries where Colombian nationals have received scholarships.

ICETEX is a State entity that promotes higher education by providing educational loans and its collection, with its own resources or from third parties. It provides these to students who demonstrate low economic resources and good academic performance. It also facilitates access to educational opportunities abroad in order to enhance the quality of life in Colombia and contribute to the economic and social development of the country.

Do I need to pass a language test for admission to an institution of higher education in Colombia?

In the spirit of academic autonomy, institutions of higher education may require a language test for admission to academic programs or to require a certain level of certification in Spanish as a requirement for admission, either through an international review, or a proficiency examination designed and implemented by a language center.
Usually, Spanish classes are offered to foreign students who need to achieve greater competence in the language. You should verify the specifics of the language requirement with the admissions office of the university that you plan to attend.

This information is available on the websites of each institution of higher education. They can be accessed directly or through this link, or

All the information needed to prepare for the trip to Colombia can be found at Here you can look up general information, namely climate, currency, population or transportation services, and learn more about the different types of accommodation, culture and entertainment, sports and recreation offered by the country to international students. It also provides information about mobility programs, scholarships, grants and loans.

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