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5. Recognition of diplomas earned abroad

General Information

Foreigners enjoy the same civil rights granted to the Colombian citizens. They also the guarantees granted to the nationals, except for the limitations established by the constitution or the law.

Foreign students who wish to study in Colombia must bear in mind the following recommendations to enter the country:

Documentation: Passport, valid travelling document or identity document, according to the case. Chilean or Ecuadorian citizens need only show their identity document.

Visa: A visa is required for the nationals of the following countries: Cuba, India, Iran, Iraq, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, China, Taiwan, Haiti, Afghanistan, Algeria, North Korea, Slovakia, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Czech Republic, Syria, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam y Yemen. Citizens from other countries do not need a tourist visa. It is necessary to fill out an immigration card to obtain the corresponding registry. Make sure that the immigration authorities stamp the entrance seal and the authorized length of the stay in the passport.

Types of visa to enter Colombia: There are several kinds of visas in Colombia for foreigners that serve their various needs and conditions. Students from abroad or that are participating in academic exchange programs must take into account the following visas:
Visa temporal ordinaria de estudiante regular (Ordinary temporary visa for a regular student)
Visa temporal ordinaria de trabajador académico(Ordinary temporary visa for academic workers)
Visa temporal de estudiante de intercambio(Ordinary temporary visa for exchange students)
Visa temporal de visitante turista (Tempory visa for visiting tourist).

The procedures to obtain a visa are described atámites and at the portal

You can also link to the portal at:

Other information:

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