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2. Online Directory of Accredited Academic Programs by National Council for Accreditation

Enter the browser to find programs with high quality accreditation: The detailed search of academic programs that have demonstrated high levels of quality can be done by entering the browser. Here you can also find a summary of the program’s strengths as identified in the last CNA evaluation. The National Council for Accreditation is responsible for conducting the assessment for high quality accreditation and to make public information on the status of accreditation of institutions or programs that volunteer to undergo this process. This information demonstrates the high quality in the development of academic programs.

You can find all undergraduate and graduate programs (university, technical and technological training) offered by institutions of higher education in Colombia. In the National System for Higher Education Information (Snies) you can look up programs by institution, department, municipality or other characteristics.

Enter Snies to perform your search or click on the following options:

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